Æres Vista'as
Æres Vista'as
Visionary Artist

About Me

My art is the by-product of my internal communication with my unconscious. I began creating these back in 2005 during a particularly introspective and dark phase of my life where I submerged myself in soul searching. They serve as windows to the soul and true self by being active messages from this portion of consciousness that speak as Yantras; upon gazing one can be stirred and find meaning communicated to me by my unconscious as a result of visual translation. I also had the privilege of working with Alex and Allyson Grey at the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors when it was in New York City and have been heavily influenced by the energy and technique of the two masters and their sacred space.

Prints for Sale

I have prints for sale in a variety of types, sizes, prices and quality, and greeting cards as well, in order to meet your aesthetic and spiritual needs.

They can be found and ordered here, with starting prices -


Video Art

I also have a variety of both experimental and completed Video Art which can be viewed on my vimeo:

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